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'...a human being, an intellectual human being who constantly bends the entire force of his mind on the ridiculous task of forcing a wooden king into the corner of a wooden board, and does it without going mad!' A group of passengers on a cruise ship challenge the world chess champion to a match. At first, they crumble, until they are helped by whispered advice from a stranger in the crowd -a man who will risk everything to win. Stefan Zweig's acclaimed novella Chess is a disturbing, intensely dramatic depiction of obsession and the price of genius.

Kitap Özellikleri
Sayfa Sayısı 80
Basım Tarihi 2019
Baskı 3
Kağıt Cinsi 2. Hamur

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Etiketler: Chess, 9786059919272, Stefan Zweig, Literart Yayınları

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